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Meet the Healers at Soothe!

Tonya Alvarado, LMT

Tonya graduated from the Institute of Massage and Wellness in 2016 and became a Holy Fire III Reiki Master in March 2020.  Tonya is passionate about healing and has vast and diverse knowledge to share. She has partaken in several training courses since graduating from college and has lots of experience to share!

Services at Soothe: Massage, Reiki, Hot Stone, Therapeutic/Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Cupping, and Sound Healing 

Gracen Stratton, LMT

Gracen graduated from Carlson College of Massage at the beginning of 2019.  Gracen specializes in Deep Tissue massage but is also skilled in gentle relaxation dependent on client preference. Her vast knowledge of muscle tissue and release techniques make her great especially when restorative massage is needed.

Services at Soothe: Massage, Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal Massage, Cupping, and Reflexology

Craig Thoreson - Energy Healer

 "I started learning Quantum Touch back in 2005 as I knew I wasn’t like everyone else around me. I was able to change the temperature of my body and hands at request and move energy around me in ways I didn’t know exactly why or how. Over the years I spent a lot of time learning how to make energetic containers to work in safe, vulnerable spaces with others to create the most unique energy work experience one can have. Each session is uniquely created with my clients source energy guiding the session and directing energy where it needs to go. 

Another skill I bring is I get high visual hits with some clients and can see what they feel or see in these sessions. At times it's like watching a movie play out in front of my eyes. Visually things come up where images, colors, or places show themselves and if a client wants to hear these I try to share what I experienced during the work. I learned I can do this in hands-on work, through meditation with others and while doing distance work where I can provide my services without being in the same space as my client. Along with Quantum Touch I have also become certified in Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, along with techniques that don’t have words that I can currently associate to them."

Services at Soothe: Transformational Breathwork, Reiki, and Reflexology

Alicia Jaouadi (Bogard), LMT and Owner of Soothe

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