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Transformational Breathwork

Ready to activate your subconscious mind to release mindsets, and energetic structures that have kept you from fully embracing the deeper dimensions of your true self? 

Schedule a Transformational Breathwork journey today!

Available in Solon and Marion!

 Transformational Breathwork is an immersive sound experience that integrates binaural beats, guided coaching, 432Hz harmonic tuning, Solfeggio frequencies, subliminal hypnotic therapy, Energy Healing, and bio-acoustic sound effects that sculpt your neurology with the power of somatic breath work. 

Each journey starts with a 15 min consultation about goals/expectations before resting comfortably on a heated massage table to begin the journey.  Every Transformation Breathwork experience is tailored to each individual's needs.  Appointments also include 15 mins of discussion at the end of each experience for questions or to share.

**Enjoy a $90 introductory price for clients new to Breathwork**


Transformational Breathwork Journey - $123

Intensive Transformational Breathwork - $155

30 mins of Indian Head Reflexology followed by Transformation Breathwork Journey - $200


  • Anxiety management.

  • Enhanced emotional regulation.

  • Increased resilience and wellbeing.

  • Boosted immune system.

  • Somatic healing and release of past traumas.

  • Better sleep quality and insomnia relief.

  • Improved stamina and physical performance.

  • Facilitate Spiritual growth

  • Nervous system regulation

  • And many more benefits...

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