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Massage Services

Acupressure Neck Massage

Revitalize your tired body and spirit with the therapeutic benefits of massage. Energize yourself with one of our amazing massage therapies and allow yourself to be rewarded.

Schedule your much needed massage appointment today!

Therapeutic massage at Soothe uses a combination of Swedish, Acupressure, Cranialsacral, and Thai Massage techniques. Each massage is customized for each client's wants and needs.

Prenatal Massage is available for the same pricing as listed below.  All therapists use a pregnancy pillow which allows the client to lay face down.

Add Cupping to any massage for $10.

30 minutes: $50

60 minutes: $85

90 minutes: $120

120 minutes: $160

Massage is performed by Licensed and Insured Massage Therapist, Alicia Jaouadi, Melissa Williams, Gracen Stratton, and Tonya Alvarado.
Copy of massage licenses available upon request.

Hot Stones Massage
Upper Back Massage

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage but with a deep tissue massage, your therapist applies slow, firm pressure to release muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy helps melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation and metabolism. Hot stones, when coupled with massage, also help to expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

 Himalayan Salt Stone Massage uses stones that alkalize the skin and replenishes/nourishes your skin and body with 84 minerals.

Book "Hot Stone Massage" for Basalt stones to be used or "Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage" for Himalayan Salt stones to be used.

30 minutes: $60

60 minutes: $95

90 minutes: $130

120 minutes: $170

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