Empowerment Coaching


Feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, or overall stuck? 

You might benefit from some fresh energy and motivation that comes from Empowerment Coaching with Alicia!

What an Empowerment Coach does:

- Holds space for any vulnerability that you wish to share

- Inspires new ideas or perspectives

- Shines light on your strengths

- Helps create a plan of action for any goals or changes that you wish to tackle

- Creates a safe, confidential place to share without judgement 


What an Empowerment Coach DOES NOT do:

- Diagnose or label

- Prescribe medication

- Pass judgement

- Act with aggression

- Share your information with anyone

Alicia has been a certified Life Coach since 2012 from the Spencer Institute out of San Diego, CA.  Please email Alicia at SootheIA@hotmail.com if you have any questions or concerns about an initial appointment.

60 minute session:  $40

90 minute session: $60

Teen Empowerment Coaching is now available! (Ages 18 and under)

Focused more on creation of confidence, self love, and healthy boundaries

60 minute session: $35

90 minute Session: $55

Sessions are conducted via Zoom unless otherwise requested.

Please text 319-535-3137 to schedule.  Thank you!