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Empowerment Coaching


Feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, or overall stuck? 

You might benefit from some fresh energy and motivation that comes from Empowerment Coaching with Alicia!

What an Empowerment Coach does:

- Holds space for any vulnerability that you wish to share

- Inspires new ideas or perspectives

- Shines light on your strengths

- Helps create a plan of action for any goals or changes that you wish to tackle

- Creates a safe, confidential place to share without judgement 


What an Empowerment Coach DOES NOT do:

- Diagnose or label

- Prescribe medication

- Pass judgement

- Act with aggression

- Share your information with anyone

Alicia has been a certified Life Coach since 2012 from the Spencer Institute out of San Diego, CA.  Please email Alicia at if you have any questions or concerns about an initial appointment.

60 minute session:  $40

90 minute session: $60

Teen Empowerment Coaching is now available! (Ages 18 and under)

Focused more on creation of confidence, self love, and healthy boundaries

60 minute session: $35

90 minute Session: $55

Sessions are conducted via Zoom unless otherwise requested.

Please text 319-535-3137 to schedule.  Thank you!

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